Yandere Simulator Game Online Download

Anime games have been on the constant rise with more and more people getting drawn towards them. Yandere simulator is online game with everything that a girl would love playing about with. While the theme of the game maybe pink, it is anything but soft and floral. Yandere simulator game glorifies the emotions that a girl feels for a guy and how she could cross boundaries to ensure that there is no one coming between the two of them. This is possibly the main feature and gameplay that you need to know of when it comes to this game. Majority of the users who have actually played the game already state that it actually is a stealth game in which all you need to do is stalk the boy you like and prevent anyone else from hindering in the process. You need to go above and beyond to get rid of your possible competitors who take a liking to the boy you are crushing on. The only catch is that you need to maintain the image of an innocent school girl all throughout the planning and plotting.

But what does Yandere Simulator even mean? This is a very commonly asked question and to answer it in simple words, Yandere girl is a girl who is willing to fight or even kill someone who tries to take away the boy they are in love with. Sounds pretty toxic, right? But well, it’s nothing but a game, perhaps a computer video game.

Yandere Simulator Gameplay Online 

Now, if you are to download Yandere game on pc, the very first thing that you possibly would want to know is about the gameplay of Yandere Simulator.

Gamers who have played the Yandere Simulator Game often categorize this one as something similar to that of Hitman series. You are predominantly placed around in an open environment and all you need to do is find your targets and wipe them out.

yandere simulator

The process is actually not that easy as it sounds. Finding the target and then killing them is an extensive process that you just can’t do with the click of your fingers. There are several ways in which you can end your enemy easily.

Some of the common ways to achieve Yandere same are by using the mode of stealth to kill them or even opt for a staged accident, making sure that you don’t leave behind any kinds of clue in the process. The most common way one gets about with it is with slaughtering them when faced with them along the way. If that is something you are engaging in, ensure that you don’t leave behind any kind of traces of the crime you have committed. Clean the spot and get rid of the corpse too. If not done properly, there are chances that the police might trace the source back to you, in which case, it won’t end well for you at all.

Another common way that many gamers use the gameplay is that they frame someone else for their crimes. You can do so by framing someone from the school and then blame them for the crime and ruin their reputation and get them expelled in turn. If nothing works out, you get convince other girls to gang up on her and bully her till she ends up committing suicide.

The striking feature of this gameplay is that the boy you love should never see you committing murder or even being the “bad” girl. There are chances that if that happens, they won’t necessarily reciprocate the feelings and the game are over that moment itself.

yandere simulator the real game features

Next on the list of discussion are the features you get to witness in this game. As mentioned in the gameplay, the main motive of the game is quite simple. The features can make you understand yandere simulator online game a little bit better.

Some of the amazing features of the game that you can look forward to including:

yandere simulator game features

Maintain a persistent reputation

As mentioned before, it is mandatory to maintain the reputation of an “innocent schoolgirl” all throughout the process. You can’t let out the suspicion of something being wrong with you because that is where the problems tend to arise. If you are not serious about this, it is futile to play the game. When you have an incriminating reputation, people around you will start gossiping and start maintaining distance from you. That is not what you want. Instead, maintain the reputation of a good girl in the school and you will have more and more characters at your disposal helping you out with a number of activities.

Maintain the sanity level

Much like in the real world, even in the world of the game, performing any kind of act of violence will make you question your sanity. The same happens in the game as well. When you attack or kill someone, chances are that you will end up losing your sanity. If your level of sanity is uncontrollable, chances are that you will end up getting suspected by the people around you. Recover quickly so that no one suspects that something is wrong with you. If the boy you love sees you in a similar situation, chances are that he will not love you back and hence, the game is over.

Kill Animations depend on your sanity level

As mentioned before, your level of sanity is everything you need to maintain throughout the game. That is what deduces the kind of expertise you impose during your killing expeditions. According to the developers of the game, the overall efficiency of killing the people depend on the sanity level you have. If your sanity level is high, you will be able to conduct a very swift and effortless. On the other hand, if your level of sanity is low, the murder you conduct is going to be messy and sloppy.

Yandere Vision

Yet another one of the common features of this game is the fact that you have a specific Yandere vision. There will be a specific button on the keyboard or even the controller which will be dedicated to specific Yandere actions. Some of the common ones being the significant raucous and evil laugh that one has. With the activation of the Yandere vision, one has the capability of seeing through various of the actions and the important highlights around the game. These highlights will even be visible through a wall.

Panty Shots

You will encounter certain characters along the game who are going to provide you with special favors if you send them pictures of the girls’ panties. These are considered to be nothing but a form of currency for you to gain better access to other activities throughout the time. You can buy favors and have a varying range of advantage when it comes to having these points secured with you.

yandere simulator characters customizations?

With being familiar with the features along with the gameplay of this yandere game, the next thing that does irk everyone is the kind of customizations one can make to the “Senpai” that they fall in love with.

The developers have clarified stating that there could very well be a number of personalized options when it comes to choosing the kind of Senpai you want your game character to have. Apart from that, they even clarified that the genders of the Senpai might be changeable in the coming updates but there is no guarantee of the same. Since the process of gender reversal is quite extensive in terms of animation and voice changes, it is not something that is confirmed but is a close possibility.

Apart from that, when it comes to the customization of the Senpai, that can be done at the beginning of the game itself where the user can change the character according to their likes and choices altogether.

What is the protagonist like?

This is yet another commonly asked question many people want clarifications about. What is the name of the pivotal character of the game? As per the developer, for now, the name has been set par as Yandere-chan and the name of her love interest is set as Senpai-kun.

The changes to these names might happen once every single aspect of the game has been finalized but until now, these are the final draws about with the game’s main characters.

Explain the course of Yandere game a bit more

Next on the list that one should know about in the gameplay of this simulation game is the fact that the game is going to be spread around 10 weeks. These 10 weeks, you will get 10 different rivals who are going to fall head over heels for the Senpai.

Your job is to eliminate those rivals and keep your love interest for yourself. There are several modes in which you can achieve the whole “eliminating” part, as mentioned in the gameplay section above.

The Senpai is not going to confess his love for you until and unless you get rid of all the 10 rivals that come along in the 10 weeks. You get 1 week each to get rid of each of the rivals, so play accordingly and ensure that you don’t leave behind traces or clues as to who you are.

What kind of weapons does Yandere Simulator Game have?

This is yet another important aspect of yandere dev that needs a quick answering to. As mentioned before, the entire game is about stealth and violence you commit to getting rid of the rivals that are coming in between you and your Senpai.

When it comes to the weapons the main character can use for their accomplishments, they are going to be something that you can easily spot and find around the area of a high school. It is believed to include a wide range of interesting weapons, something one wouldn’t even expect to find there.

When asked the developer about the same, they confirmed that they have shortlisted out around 30 weapons of choice. They aren’t going to be showcased in the demo itself because the final game is going to have it all. As for the number of weapons around, the same is going to vary depending on the kind of work the modeler support and the budget they can afford for yandere simulator game.

Yandere Simulator Download

The final part of the article is to discuss how one can successfully download from yandere WordPress and play it on their PC. The process of Yandere simulator download is actually quite simple and not that hard and will take you a few minutes time.

The steps include:
• First, download the Yandere simulator game from the official website of the developer which is under the same name
• Once the file has been downloaded, locate the same on your PC and then open it. It is most likely going to be downloaded in ZIP form, so make sure you have applications to unzip the file
• Once the file has been unzipped, you need to open the Yanderesim.exe file from the folder and then double click on it. There is no requirement of installing from yandere wordpress because it runs directly from there.
• Following that, when yandere simulator opens, you can simply change the graphics settings if you want and then enjoy playing the game as per your preferences on yandere simulator website.
• Once yandere simulator play begins, you can actually go about and customize the characters as per your liking, both yours and the Senpais.
As mentioned before, the process isn’t quite difficult and is much like any other game that you download on to your PC.

A few final words

The Yandere Simulator is something that does extend out to extreme levels of violence and rivalry. If there is something that you need to assure is to be safe while playing the game. It is important to understand that the Yandere Simulator Game is fantasy and thus keep that barrier up. Make sure that you are using the best of your abilities to channel through the gameplay and win the heart of your love interest in the end.